Monday, October 1, 2012

Off Script

In writing the script for Old Woman, some stories were scratched because of length or lack of relevance..Like this one which as far as I know is true. My good friend Virginia from the Eastern Shore passed it onto me. it's the kind of tale that spreads around a small town like wildfire starting always with " Did you hear...? " ( the names have been changed)
    May Frances Parker and G.T. Shreves were the most talented drinkers in town.They attended all the parties where liquor was served and were the last to leave. One night, they managed to out stay the liquor as well as the other guests. They made it to G.T's car. He was the designated driver that night. He made it to May Frances' house, traveling down the back roads. He drove into her drive
but May Frances was out. She  would not wake up so he drove on to his house, and leaving her in the car, staggered inside and fell into bed.
     The next morning he was on his second cup of coffee when he remembered... May Frances! He ran to the car Where he found her not only passed out, but passed on. G.T. jumps in the car and drives to Waddell's Funeral Home where Tim Waddell says, "I can't take her, G.T. You have to have a certificate from the coroner saying she's dead,"  to which G.T. replied, "Any fool with one good eye and half a brain can see she's dead!Tim said he didn't care he had to have that certificate so G.T left to go into town and look for the coroner with May Frances riding beside him looking no worse than she had at the party.
      Sam White,  the coroner, had gone to Norfolk , but no one knew  that. G.T rode all over town with May Frances beside him and couldn't find him. When noon came, G.T felt the need for a little libation, liquid of course, and stopped at the restaurant, leaving May Frances, of course, in the car.
Claudine Parks walked past the car on her way to the cleaners, saw May Frances and stopped to talk about Garden Club business. Afterwards, she said, "I could have sworn she said something. I know she nodded her head."G.T. came out of the restaurant and took off looking for Sam having no clue of the May Frances' conversation.
    Sam came home and heard of G.T.s dire need of him. So he took off looking for G.T.  but could not find him. So the whole town divided up into posses.Cars on all the streets even down in the necks in the fishing villages. Finally,  someone remembered G.T's habits. They found him down at the wharf , beer bottle held high extolling the sunset  May Frances beside him enjoying it to, in her quiet way.

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