Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I went with my two daughters and my thirteen year old granddaughter out to Hop'N Blueberry Farm
on Saturday. The owner, Mr. Burnette, raises hops for the local brewerys and  on beyond the vines of hops is a butterfly house, full of flowers, a misting waterfall and butterflies. One monarch lit on my granddaughter Molly's head and stayed and stayed and stayed.There were clouds in the sky over the Black Mountains close by. bluebirds and goldfinch flew with those chittering sounds. Beautiful. Before we left, my daughters, both teachers, bought twigs bearing the celadon green Monarch chrysalis that look like jewelry. My oldest daughters chrysalis hatched the next day and is gone on to where he was going.
I feel like that chrysalis as the days count down to our opening. The word "opening" takes on new meaning.

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